Onix Model

Harmful Chemicals in the corporation / borewell water like Salt, Heavy Metals, Fluoride , Colour Contamination, Slow Poisoning & Bad Smell are removed during filteration process.

It maintains essentials minerals like Ca, Mg & pH Boosters.

Acidic-Free Water s


It is full hevy cabinet and this is specifically made for high tds water (India's sout areas) in this purifier including spare is HJC 80 GPD. MEMBRANE AND SHIMFLO /GRAND FOREST 100 PUMP this is high water combination

Water purifier with advance multi stage purification technology.

Best for household drinking water need.

Wave Model

TDS & Hot Water Temperature Display.

Intelligent Membrane Flushing System per Hour

UV Lamp in the Storage Tank.

Easy to Replace 2-in-1 Pre-Filter Cartridge.

Pre-Filter Cartridge Change Indicator on Display Screen.


The membrane layers improve the membrane's purification capacity & increase its longevity, and hazardous chemicals & tiny microbes are removed.

Convenient Features: a) High Storage Capacity b) Purified stored water can be dispensed even without electricity


Special Feature : UV, UF, RO

Material : Copper

Capacity: 12 litres

Included Components: User Manual


Product Dimensions : 10L x 8W x 8H Centimeters

Material : Copper

Included Components : User Manual

Package Information : Dispenser


Special Feature : Change Filter Indicator

Product Dimensions : 39L x 28W x 40H Centimeters

Included Components : RO

Package Information : Dispenser


Capacity : 15 Litre

Purification Technology : RO+UV+UF+Mineraliser

Installation Type : Wall Mounted

Features : Smart Indicator

Purification Type : RO + UV

Aqua Nine

10L storage with intelligent disinfection UV LED in the tank, (which is constantly on) so that the stored water is disinfected for a long time.

Multiple Purification RO + UV+ Copper Alkaline cartridge

Aqua Roma

Perfect Choice for Your Home & Office: This water purifier has 10L Storage capacity with 8 Stages of purification ensures safe & pure drinking water free of harmful bacteria, virus & particles. Mineraliser adds essential minerals which help in protecting immunity.

Aqua Glory

Special Feature : UF, RO

Material : Plastic

Capacity : 14 litres

Included Components : 1 RO, Filter, Copper Filter

Aqua Touch

Special Feature : Superior value, Advanced Design, Easy-change cartridges, RO/NF Membrane

Material : Plastic

Capacity : 10 litres

Aqua Mars

Capacity : 9 Liter

Purification Type : Ro + B12 + Uf + Active Copper + Tds Control Water Purifier with Intelligent Disinfection Uv Led In Tank Filter